Codel Holding Company

Tacoma, Washington

Codel is a leading Pacific Northwest fabricator, assembler, marketer and distributor of pre-hung steel and fiberglass entry door systems and related accessories for residential homes.

  • Prospect Partners teamed with independent equity sponsor Montgomery, Shelton & Company to acquire Codel Entry Systems in April 2005.
    • The investment was a recapitalization with Codel owner and General Manager Brent Moss.
    • Montgomery, Shelton & Company is an independent investment firm in Winnetka, Ill., that offers key operating experience in companies in a variety of industries.
    • In addition to Mr. Moss, Codel's senior management team includes Neville Dowell, CFO.
  • Codel seeks to expand geographically as well as through new distribution channels.
  • Codel seeks to acquire other manufacturers and distributors of pre-hung doors.
  • Mr. Chawla serves as Chairman of the holding company for Codel; Mead Montgomery of Montgomery, Shelton & Company serves as Chairman of the operating company. Mr. Holcomb and David Shelton, of Montgomery, Shelton and Company, serve the holding company as Directors.
  • SIC codes: 3442 (metal doors, sash, frames, molding and trim manufacturers); 5031 (lumber, plywood, millwork and wood panels); 3442-03 (doors - metal - manufacturers); 3442-98 (metal doors, sash, frames and trim); 4031-16 (doors and frames - commercial and industrial); 5031-17 (doors and frames)
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